Rahul Srivastava

AIR 10 - CSE 2022

I have been associated with IASmocks / IASprepkit since 2019. I started my journey with Intensive Guidance Programme (IGP) for Prelims 2019 and that contributed in building my fundamental approach to the exam. I've used the Mains Answer-Writing Booklets during my Mains Preparation which helped me to precisely understand the word-limit & area allocation for content presentation. As a result of which, I was able to manage the time efficiently while writing answers and complete all papers within time.

Arth Jain

AIR 16 - CSE 2020

Thank you for the strategy document on Prelims. It was great and helped me immensely to understand the approach needed for the exam.

Bharani VLSVSS

AIR 329 - CSE 2019

I was associated with the Intensive Guidance Programme (IGP) for Prelims. It was one of the best initiatives that i've seen so far. It played an important role in my preparation for the exam.

Ananya Sarma

Asst. Director - SAI / CSE 2021 Interview

I had immensely benefitted from your PYQ analysis document (PYQs of 2011-18) back in 2020 when I made my first attempt in CSE. That document was a guide to me as to how to utilise PYQs for prelims preparation as well as analysis of wrong statements. I owe to this document a lot for my success in preliminary stage in both my attempts.
In 2021 I had purchased CSM answer writing notebook (pack of four) from your website. I used them during mock tests at home as well as for regular answer writing purpose. Their exact size and dimension as that of actual examination booklet was sort of a motivation for me.
Finally, I also benefitted from your CSP - specific channel dedicated to environment portion. I express my sincere gratitude to the IASprepkit team.

Maninderjit Kaur

CSE 2020 Interview & CSE 2022 Interview

I was enrolled in the Answer Evaluation Programme (AEP) with and it was of great help for me to clear the Mains exam. The mentor feedback was of good quality and time-bound. I highly appreciate the experience with your mentorship team and express my gratitude.

Simran Koul

Mentorship Programme 2023

Thank you so much, sir! The session was extremely insightful, and this comprehensive information is going to make the journey easier. Gratitude! 🙏

Arpita Prakash

User of Our Zenith 365 & OMR Sheets

This entire kit has made this preparation so smooth and organized. Can't thank IASprepkit enough for such lovely products. Even noteworthy is the extent to which customers' expectations are being taken care of. They're going an extra mile to make things better, ensuring that the delivery is done on time and that the product quality remains uncompromised.

Nikhil Joshi

CSE 2022 Interview

I used the Answer writing booklets for my mains preparation. I wrote all my tests and notes in it. It was of great help in judging the length of the answers and the time-taken to complete the answers. I highly recommend it.


Minds Behind IASPrepKit

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B.E. (ECE)

10 Years of Experience with UPSC CSE

Bhawna Sharma
B.Tech (ECE)

7 Years of Experience with UPSC CSE

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