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IASprepkit is your trusted partner in the journey to fulfill your civil services dream.
We have a wide-range of "Unique & High Use-Value" products that are designed with diligence, to give effective & specific solutions for UPSC Civil Services (IAS, IPS, ..) Aspirants.
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We have dedicated & Personal (One to One) Mentorship Programmes for providing customized & effective solutions to you. With our Monthly Subscriptions, you can have a mentor to contact on an everyday basis.

About Us

Who Are We?

IASprepkit.com has been creatively solving various problems that crop up in the journey of UPSC Civil Services Exam Aspirants. It was started in January 2021 and is the Successor initiative of IASmocks.com (2018 to 2022), which was well-known for helping thousands of aspirants to clear their UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam. We provide the following Products & Services:

  • Dedicated - Personal Mentorship Programmes.
  • India's First Year-Long Journal & Planner designed specifically for UPSC Civil Services Aspirants.
  • Prelims Kit: UPSC Layout OMR Format Sheets & Work-books.
  • Mains Kit: Mains Answer-Writing Pages & Work-books.

Have a look at the Video below. It contains the view of every page inside the Zenith Journal/Planner. It has 472 pages & 30 sections to help you for tracking, strategizing & executing your tasks for UPSC Civil Services Exam. Click to Order your copy of Zenith.

Why Choose IASprepkit?

The Co-Founders of IASprepkit.com are themselves UPSC Civil Services Aspirants & Have 10 years of experience with Prelims & Mains Stages.

They've designed each and every product by adding their learnings & achievements associated with the exam process. As they are active aspirants, they are in full awareness of the current trends in the exam process and make sure that you get the best possible solution to excel in the exam.

Cost-Effective Solutions

IASprepkit.com makes sure that none of the costly or unecessary features come up in their product designs and therefore delivers their Products & Services at one of the most affordable costs in the market.

Workable & Executable Solutions

IASprepkit.com carefully designs their products in such a manner that the aspirant never gets burdened with the study workload and yet is able to achieve the targets effectively.

Personalized & Customized Solutions

Through the Mentorship Programmes, Personalized & Customized Solutions are designed for all types of learning styles and for aspirants from different academic backgrounds.

Minds Behind IASprepkit

Abhishek Uplaonkar

B.E. (ECE) | Co-Founder
10 Years of Experience with UPSC CSE


Adding Uniqueness & Use-Value to Your UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation

Bhawna Sharma

B.Tech (ECE) | Co-Founder
6 Years of Experience with UPSC CSE

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy
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  • How are your products shipped? IASprepkit.com ships all physical products through "Shiprocket".

  • When will you receive your shipment tracking link? After the "Courier person" picks up your order, You will receive a tracking link on your email and mobile number that you have shared while placing the orders.

  • What are the risks of Shipping your product? IASprepkit.com takes utmost care of packaging and makes sure that the products are in good condition before shipping. We pack all of our products in bubble-wrap and nealty pack it using adhesive tapes. However, sometimes it can so happen that your product may get lost or get damaged due to the mishandling by the courier company. Very Minor damages are sometimes seen due to mishandling by the courier company, but full damage or loss of product is extremely rare.

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Payment & Refund Policy

Payment Policy
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  • Why is Cash on Delivery (COD) not available? COD payment usually has upto 10% of the order value as COD fee which is passed onto the customers by an inflated product price. Also, COD is not servicable for all pin-codes and by all courier companies. Additionally, if COD orders are not accepted by the customer, the seller has to pay the return courier fee. Due to all these reasons, COD is not available on our platform.

We Practice Ethics of Highest Standards

Refund Policy
  • Request for Cancellation before the shipping label is generated: Eligible for full refund (No questions asked).

  • Request for Cancellation after the shipping label is generated: No Cancellation and No Refund.

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  • Request for replacement for a faulty product manufactured by IASprepkit.com: Send us the video of the faulty product and we will replace the product for you without any questions.